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A. You don’t need much damage in order to file a claim. Hail and high winds can cause granule loss, tears, and cracks. If your roof has endured 45+ mph winds, you may see enough damage to file a claim.

A. Most of the claims we assist with file for wind damage. High winds can cause severe damage to your roofing and even leak to interior leaks. You do not have to hail damage to file a claim.  

A. Get in touch with us! We offer free roof inspections and have a 95% success rate with insurance claims. We will help you throughout the process!

A. There are some instances where if an individual has a “no claims” discount, it may be disallowed. It is not common for a policy to be canceled due to a storm damage claim.

A. Homeowners have 1 year to file a claim with their insurance company.

A. We understand what insurance companies consider damage and how to mitigate a previously denied claim. We file claims for the damage we find during the inspection, not based on a previous contractor’s assessment.

A. Capstone Restoration is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A-rating on Angie’s List. We have dozens of references you may speak with! In addition, we don’t make anything unless your claim has been approved!

A. No. A scam is when an individual intentionally creates damage to file a claim. Here at Capstone Restoration, we will not represent individuals that have done so. Our thorough inspection process allows us to determine whether or not the claim is legitimate.

A. Our company works with a contingency agreement that allows us provide work if the claim is approved. This agreement will terminate if your claim is denied or there is insufficient funding.

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